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The Future of Workload Management

The Future of Workload Management

HPC is rapidly becoming more complex. Administrators must support a wide range of new workloads that mix AI/ML with HPC while pulling data from varied data sources and a compute environment consisting of assorted structures, including GPUs, CPUs and new accelerators. How do we meet this complexity as an industry while delivering better scalability and efficiency? Introducing the biggest change to HPC resource management in 30 years – Altair Liquid Scheduling.

Presented by Dr. Rosemary Francis, Chief Scientist HPC at Altair, as part of Altair's Future.Industry 2024 conference.

Please note that presentations are in English by default. The following languages are available by clicking on Audio Description AD)) on screen: DE, ES, FR, IT, JA, KO , PT, ZH-CN.

Duration: 19 minutes

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