S-Life FKM by PART Engineering

Static and Fatigue Strength Software

S-Life FKM is a static and fatigue strength software for the assessment of finite element analysis (FEA) results according to FKM guideline. The software is used as a post-processor. With S-Life, at the push of a button the computed stresses will be processed in such a way that an assessment of the static and fatigue strength according to the FKM guideline is carried out. As result of the assessment, the static and cyclic utilization ratios will be displayed as contour plot.

Why S-Life FKM?

Minor Material Knowledge Needed

Approximately 1,500 grades from the FKM material tables are completely provided by S-Life FKM.

Easy and Fast

Huge time-savings compared to manual evaluation and easy-to-use even for the occasional users.

FKM Guideline Strength Assessment

Reliable and well documented results according to a proven assessment scheme.

Key Features

FKM Guideline Conformity

Static and fatigue strength assessment for non-welded parts according to FKM guideline based on the concept of local strength.

Strength Assessment Made Easy

Automatic identification of critical load case combinations and output of static and cyclic utilization ratios.

Material Database

Integrated and extendable material database with more than 1500 grades.


Interfaces for Altair H3D, Abaqus, ANSYS, NASTRAN, and MSC HDF5.

Nodal Computation Results

Comprehensive reporting of nodal computation results according to FKM guideline.

Consolidated Results

Consolidation of results from different FEA into a single model.