Satellite Mission Planning and Analysis

SATSOFT is designed for communication satellite coverage planning, analysis, and preliminary antenna layout. Supplier-furnished antenna patterns can be imported and managed with the Pattern Data Manager and then inspected and visualized on a world map. Polygons, whether defined from political borders or by free-hand drawing, are easily enlarged to give a realistic account for any antenna or spacecraft pointing error.

SATSOFT lets users import antenna patterns and allows simple modeling using Gaussian beams with prescribed footprints. The optional Payload Antenna Planner (PAP) add-on provides physical optics (PO) analysis of array-fed and shaped reflectors, as well as of direct-radiating phased arrays, taking the design and analysis one step closer to real performance.


Satellite Mission Planning

Enables efficient planning, designing, and marketing of communication satellite payloads.

Antenna Trade-Off Studies

With the high-level antenna models in the PAP add-on, users can perform preliminary antenna trade-off studies for use in planning and requirements specification.

Intuitive User Interface

Users can define coverage regions and visualize antenna pattern contours on ground in just a few clicks.

Key Features

Coverage Area Definition

Quickly select countries or draw polygons for use as coverage area definition.

High-Level Antenna Modeling

Synthesize contoured and spotbeams with or without pointing error from reflector or array antennas.

Contour Plotting and Performance Tables

Plot pattern contours and create performance tables of directivity, EIRP, G/T, and more.

Seamless Integration with Other TICRA Tools

Import measured or predicted antenna patterns for use in your analysis. Users can pre-process coverage and antenna setups for further analysis in the TICRA Tools products GRASP and POS.

ITU Documentation

Prepare documents for ITU regulatory filings, by exporting pattern data in GXT format.