ShipMo3D by DSA

3D Panel Method Hydrodynamic Software for Marine

ShipMo3D is a potential flow solver for calculating wave radiation, diffraction, and resulting ship motions in waves and marine environments. Using advanced time and frequency domain options, ShipMo3D can be used to analyze freely maneuvering ships and other floating structures in a variety of sea states.

Why ShipMo3D?

Compute Ship Seakeeping Motions

Evaluate the motion response of ships in different forward speed and wave conditions.

Evaluate Ship Maneuvering Motions

Compute the time domain response of the ship motion during marine operations in a seaway.

Report on Motion-induced Interruption

Calculate metrics like motion-induced interruption and vertical accelerations for evaluating the potential for sea sickness.

Key Features

Evaluate Time Domain Ship Response

Calculate the time domain response for ship seakeeping and maneuvering.

Evalute Ship RAO

Compute frequency domain response for ship seakeeping motions and produce the ship response amplitude operator (RAO).

Create Mesh from Hull Lines

Create discrete hull lines and automatically generate the hydrodynamic mesh for the solution process.

Import Pre-built Mesh

Use Altair® HyperMesh® or other programs to create an OBJ mesh for use directly for hydrodynamics calculations.

Comprehensive Reporting

Reports include statistics of motions, accelerations, and standard outputs like motion-induced interruptions.

Quickly Compute Time Series from RAO

Sample time series in an ocean sea state is needed. Generate these motion time traces from the RAO as an alternative to more complex time domain simulation.