Available Modules

Coupling/Crash Codes (LS-Dyna, Radioss, Abaqus): Modules used to couple a MADYMO simulation with a full vehicle explicit FE simulation.

Coupling/MATLAB: May be used to couple a MADYMO simulation with a MATLAB/Simulink simulation for control development.

Dummys Model/MATD: MATD 50th driver and helmet models for Motorcycle safety applications.

Dummys Models: A comprehensive library of 46 ellipsoid, faceted and FE safety dummy models for use in automotive, aviation, military, rail, construction, forensics and accident reconstruction applications.

Human Models: A comprehensive library of 14 ellipsoid, faceted and FE human full body and detailed segment models for occupant and pedestrian safety analysis.

Utilities: Solver utilities MTA (tank test analysis) and Madyscale (atd/human model scaler) have to be run with the Stand-alone Solver. -mta .dat -madyscale .par In order to run madyscale the begin and end time in the par file have to be equal in time (zero).

WorkSpace (includes MADpost, Exchange, Exchange Assistant, Coupling Assistant, OBR and PRR): Dedicated post processor to visualize results of MADYMO simulations.


XMADgic/Editor: Dedicated XML editor for MADYMO preprocessing.

XMADgic/Viewer: Add-on module for model viewing, dummy positioning and belt-fitting (works in combination with MADYMO/XMADgic/Editor).

Modules Not Currently Available Through the APA

Active Human Model: The human model with active muscles.

FORTE: FORTE is a “modular” concept that consists of one master model containing many interchangeable modules.

RESTART: Resume a simulation from where a previous simulation had stopped.

Stand-alone Solver:

  • Simcenter Madymo/MB solver
  • Simcenter Madymo/FE solver
  • Simcenter Madymo/Airbag solver
  • Simcenter Madymo/Gasflow

TB024: Set of pedestrian Human models.

THOR Dummy: The model of the THOR dummy.