Altair SimLab for Meshing

Series of videos aimed to get you started using SimLab for meshing.

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SimLab QuickMesh – Gear

Learn how to import a CAD geometry, mesh it with solid elements and then export it to a solver deck. Throughout the video you learn how to define the global mesh size for shell and tetra elements.

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SimLab Meshing with Process Automation – Piston

Perform a mesh automation running a javascript or pythonscript from the process automation menu.

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SimLab Mesh Controls – Gear

Learn how to select and isolate identify regions based on their geometry features. Tetmesh a solid body after applying mesh controls. Export all mesh controls as color based template.

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SimLab Quick Imprinted Mesh for Parasolid Assemblies

This video shows, how to create a shell and solid mesh is generated on a Parasolid file. You also learn, how to transfer existing groups onto the mesh.

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SimLab Volume Meshing with Layers – Housing

Request locally a given amount of tet layers through thin walls. Create a volume mesh with Tet10 from an existing, enclosed Tri6 mesh. Auto cleanup a volume mesh based on different quality criteria.

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SimLab Hex Meshing using Extrude Functions – Y bracket

Mesh a geometry with hex elements. Generate an axi-symmetric mesh around cylinders and adjust the number of layers. Adjust the alignment of common faces and merge bodies with coincident faces.

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SimLab Meshing with Body Break – Engine Assembly

Generate CAD features from a mesh. Cut and separate a section of a body using region mesh control. Learn how to use logo removal and mesh a valve seat. Finally create a circular gasket imprint in a body.

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SimLab Automated Results

Improve CAE accuracy with automated results convergence

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