SmartCtrl by Power Smart Control

Control Design for Your Power Converters in Just a Few Minutes

SmartCtrl is a software for the design and optimization of the control stage of power converters. With SmartCtrl, any user in analog and digital control – from novices to experts – will be able to slash the development time of power converter control design thanks to the tool’s predefined topologies, system frequency response import functionality, and powerful Equation Editor that defines and incorporates the system transfer function.

With SmartCtrl, it’s easy to understand how to adjust the control requirements in terms of stability and bandwidth. In addition, SmartCtrl is seamlessly integrated with simulation tools such as Altair® PSIM™; which means users can design the control stage of power converters with SmartCtrl and then effortlessly export it to PSIM for simulation.

Why SmartCtrl?


Robust Control Design for Power Converters

SmartCtrl is specifically intended for power converters control design: choose a predefined topology, import a frequency response, or define transfer functions.

Speedy, Accurate Control Design

SmartCtrl's user-friendly interface and simple workflow allow users to develop fast and robust control design (digital and analog) for any power converter.

Easy Information Import and Export

SmartCtrl allows users to import transfer functions and export the transfer functions, waveforms, and transient responses to simulation tools (such as PSIM).

Key Features

Multiple Predefined Topologies

Features control design for user-defined converters or predefined topologies: Buck, Boost, Buck Boost, Flyback, Forward, Phase Shifted Full-Bridge, and/or Dual Active Bridge.

Digital Control

SmartCtrl considers digital effects and discrete models to design the digital control loop; SmartCtrl can also work in Z domain.

Powerful Equation Editor

Users can define and incorporate their own customized compensator into designs, sensor, and plant transfer functions – in both in S, Z, or a multidomain combination.

AC Sweep Import

Lets users get the frequency response of power converters from a simulator (such as PSIM) or from a frequency analyzer and import it to SmartCtrl.

Real-Time Design, Data, and Plots

Interactive plots and solutions map allow users to define the best control design, while waveforms, bodes, Nyquist, and all output data are updated in real- time.

In-Depth Knowledge

Audio-susceptibility and input-output impedances are shown, sensibility analysis is available, and compensators can be designed flexibly (e.g. with K and Kplus).