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Altair simulation-driven design powers sport science innovation. With world-class simulation, artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning (ML) tools, safer protective gear, high-performance equipment with advanced materials, ergonomic running prosthetics, and more are within reach. Whether it’s a weekend jogger or professional speed skater, athletes deserve the latest cutting-edge technology. There’s a reason why companies trust Altair to give them – and their athletes – the competitive edge.

Preventing Crash Injury with Advanced Sports Simulation

Mastering the Slapshot with Speed, Power, and Simulation

Advanced physics. Advanced analytics. Proven winners.

Using Simulation to Predict Sports Injury and Design Protective Gear

Improving Fantasy Football Odds with Monarch

Space-age Materials Give Tennis Players a Competitive Edge

Are Barbells Strong Enough to Withstand a Next Record Lift?


Modern Stadium Design Inspired by Topology Optimization

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Simulation-Driven Design of a Portable Basketball Hoop System - Initial Steps

A simulation-driven design process is proven to generate improved, more robust and cost-effective designs within a shorter design cycle. Incorporating...

Technical Document

Wilson Golf/Driver vs. Driver

Altair’s work on Driver vs. Driver, Wilson Golf’s television competition that followed aspiring golf club designers in their journey to develop Wilson’s next...

Customer Stories

Sporting Goods Chain Fuels Results with Data

In order to compete in the fast-paced retail industry, a chain of more than 100 sporting goods stores operating across the United States needed a more...

Customer Stories

Accurate Simulation Modelling of Sports Impact Scenarios using HyperWorks

One of the key research activities within the institute is concerned with the development of enhanced human surrogate models for sports personal protective...

Customer Stories
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Data Analytics and AI

With the help of AI and machine learning, Altair turns difficult data into smart data, leading to actionable insights that help you solve your toughest challenges.

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Use Altair's simulation technology to improve development efficiency, optimize product performance, and accelerate growth.

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High-performance Computing

Whether onsite or in the cloud, Altair's HPC solution accelerates your engineering and design workload especially compute-intensive tasks like solvers, optimization, modeling, visualization, and analytics.

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