Altair® Squeak and Rattle Director™

A Solution for Perceived Quality

Altair’s Squeak and Rattle Director enables expert and novice computer aided engineering (CAE) engineers to rapidly identify and eliminate squeak and rattle in products at an early design stage. By utilizing a novel set of tools and methods in a streamlined, semi-automated process that is fully integrated in the Altair® HyperWorks™ environment, Squeak and Rattle Director simplifies otherwise complex and time-consuming tasks.

Users can easily analyze risks, identify root-causes, find a solution through numerical optimization, and explore effects caused by climate and manufacturing variabilities. Together with the extensive squeak and rattle expertise offered by Altair’s product engineering team, Squeak and Rattle Director is the market-leading solution for perceived quality.

Why Squeak and Rattle Director?

Improve Perceived Quality

Create a high-quality user experience by eliminating unwanted noises related to squeak, rattle and buzz issues.

Reduce Manufacturing Cost

This streamlined solution identifies risks early in the design process to reduce costs related to unnecessary prototyping and quick fixes later in production.

Create Optimized Solutions

Combined with structural optimization, eliminate squeak and rattle risks without adding unnecessary weight and cost while considering manufacturing constraints.

Key Features

Guided, Automated Workflow

The intuitive, process-driven user experience automates repetitive pre and post-processing tasks which enables users to identify squeak and rattle risks quickly, driving faster and better design decisions.

Upfront Squeak and Rattle Risk Results

Squeak and rattle risk zones are immediately identified, marked, and visible to user. No need to deep dive into post-processing. 

Ziegler Material Database

Predict the stick-slip phenomena for different materials with our seamless integration with Ziegler PEM Database

Root Cause and Diagnosis

Easily identify the root cause of the issues and perform what-if studies through a sensitivity analysis without re-running the model. 

Solution Proposal Through Optimization

Automatically setup structural optimization to help eliminate squeak and rattle issues by offering new connection locations and/or needed reinforcements.

Variabilities Study

Assess risk for squeak and rattle by taking into consideration manufacturing variabilities such as variations in thickness, connection stiffnesses, as well as product aging conditions.