TAITherm™ by ThermoAnalytics, Inc.

Robust and Flexible Thermal Modeling Software

TAITherm is the industry’s most robust and flexible thermal modeling software, predicting a full range of temperature distribution in your product or system. TAITherm models a variety of thermally sensitive components including brakes, underhood, exhaust and underbody, HVAC, cabin comfort, battery packs for HEV/EV, electronics, textiles, and more. ThermoAnalytics’ transient thermal analysis can couple to FEA and CFD software, a key component to efficient design. ThermoAnalytics also offers consulting services with our expert engineers who specialize in thermal, CFD, and infrared simulation and testing.

Why TAITherm?

Fast and Accurate

TAITherm provides actionable results in days instead of weeks without sacrificing accuracy.

Easy to Use

TAITherm is as easy to use as it is powerful. It removes the burden of complicated simulations and ensures that your design will function in real-world scenarios.

Couple with Other CAE Tools

Gain a deeper understanding of your most complex and detailed thermal issues by coupling with other CAE tools.

Key Features

Advanced Thermal Solver

TAITherm uses a multi-grid method for solving the heat transfer equations. This method allows the solver to efficiently converge in a small number of iterations.

Multi-mode Heat Transfer

TAITherm takes all modes of heat transfer into account. Gain a full and accurate picture of the thermal interactions your product will undergo.

Intuitive GUI

TAITherm’s interface is simple to use and easy to learn. After our two-day training, you will be skilled at using the software on your own.


Additional training is available to cover advanced topics such as infrared simulations, human comfort analysis, or advanced coupling processes.


TAITherm’s step-by-step tutorials cover basic and advanced techniques. Once you have a software license, these tutorials are available for you to expedite your knowledge.


TAITherm’s support team is available answer your questions before and after the sale.