TaniqWind® Design by TANIQ

Filament Winding Software for Composite Product Design

TaniqWind Design is a filament winding software for design of composite axisymmetric parts such as pipes and pressure vessels, and is also used for specialty applications that require advanced solutions.

The software provides a user-friendly workflow in a recognizable CAD environment, which allows engineers to work with the software intuitively and make basic designs with minimal training. It also offers powerful advanced functionalities that let experienced expert users make more complicated designs.

Although its main functionalities are similar to other filament winding software on the market, Taniq’s software team has improved and upgraded many of these functionalities. TaniqWind is the result of 14 years of development, and Taniq's software team continues to refine and improve it, ensuring it’ll be a leading solution far into the future.

Why TaniqWind Design?

New and Improved Functionalities

TaniqWind Design offers new and improved functionalities which improve the accuracy and reliability of the results compiled by the design and winding programs.

Intuitive, User-Friendly Interface

TaniqWind Design features a user-friendly interface typical for CAD/CAM software, and its intuitive workflow guides users through the design process while providing high-quality visualization and simulation capabilities.

Customization Options

Make complicated composite designs using “design wizards” so you can make superb designs without needing to be a design and filament winding expert yourself.

Key Features

Data Exchange Function with Altair® HyperWorks®

TaniqWind Design can export design data to HyperWorks, which lets it automatically generate an accurate FE model of the design.

Improved Build-up Calculation

Includes powerful build-up prediction functionalities for filaments and tapes.

Advanced Winding Path Generation

The software has a unique feature that lets users combine multiple segments into a single path.

Coverage Path for Tapes

The coverage path functionality lets users enter a desired tape coverage (e.g. 200%) whereby the software automatically finds the required tape path trajectory.

Continuous Mandrel Profile Description

The software also features a new way of describing the mandrel profile, giving users a continuous representation of the mandrel surface.

Constant Inplane Curvature Path for Tape

Features a functionality for creating tape path trajectories using the maximum allowable in-planar curvature as the criteria for defining possible path trajectories.