Advanced Payload Antenna Design Software

With POS, users can shape single-, dual-, and multiple-reflector systems to achieve contoured beams. Users can also optimize array-fed reflectors in terms of reflector shape, array geometry, and excitation coefficients. The combination of efficient algorithms for reflector analysis and array optimization makes it easy to quickly and efficiently optimize very complex antenna systems.

POS comes with efficient algorithms for analysis – and optimization – of arrays and has several array models that allow users to quickly define simple or complex arrays. Both dense and sparse arrays are supported, and the elements may be identical or unique. It’s also possible to use array elements modelled in CHAMP 3D or ESTEAM in the array – and perform simultaneous optimization of the elements and excitation coefficients.

Why POS?


Reflector Antenna Shaping

Enables the convenient optimization of array excitation coefficients with a large number of built-in optimization goals.


Array Antenna Optimization

Seamlessly integrates with other TICRA Tools products for detailed feed design (such as CHAMP 3D) and/or installed antenna performance (such as ESTEAM).


Seamless TICRA Tools Compatibility

Seamlessly integrates with other TICRA Tools products to empower users to create streamlined antenna workflows.

Key Features

Shaped Reflectors

Industry-standard reflector shaping with various expansion functions.

Array Antennas

Optimization of excitation coefficients for direct-radiating arrays and array-fed reflectors.

Array Element Patterns

Use imported or built-in element patterns in arrays, or combine with ESTEAM and/or CHAMP 3D for detailed element design.

Optimization Constraints

Optimization constraints on shape to ensure manufacturability and on excitation coefficients for representation of digital-beam forming performance.

CAD Export of Reflector Shapes

Shaped reflector antennas optimized with POS may be exported in CAD format for manufacturing or further processing.

Multi-Beam Antenna Systems

Analysis and optimization functionality for multi-beam, high-throughput satellite systems such as C/I.