TracePro by Lambda Research Corporation

Software for Design, Analysis, and Simulation of Illumination and Optical Systems

TracePro offers optical engineers and illumination engineers an accurate and comprehensive design tool offering interactive layout and optimization of lenses and reflectors. TracePro is a powerful and versatile design and analysis environment for illumination systems and non-imaging aspects of optical systems. Accurately and quickly predict spatial and angular light output distribution, uniformity, intensity, and spectral characteristics, along with aesthetic factors such as lit and unlit appearance.

TracePro gives luminaire designers the confidence that the performance and aesthetics of finished products will meet design requirements. Luminaires, light pipes, and other optical systems designed to operate in the visible spectrum benefit significantly from TracePro’s powerful visualization and photorealistic rendering capabilities. TracePro offers standard visualization features that let you see inside objects, find problem areas, and visualize light propagation through your design. TracePro users succeed with one final prototype to verify their design without costly and time-consuming prototype iterations.

Why TracePro?

Save Time and Money

Save time in your development schedule and reduce the cost of building and testing prototypes. Create a virtual prototype and test it in TracePro.

Easy to Use

Say goodbye to the drudgery of difficult-to-use software and have some fun. If you use TracePro only occasionally, pick up where you left off with ease.


Maintain your TracePro illumination design in SOLIDWORKS with the help of RayViz. When you are ready for detailed analysis, export your design to TracePro.

Key Features

Interactive Optimization

Interactively sketch your starting design, define variables and operands, and let our optimizer automatically improve your design to meet your specifications.

CAD Interoperability

Exchange CAD modeling data with other software via STEP, SAT, or IGES files. Use RayViz to apply optical properties in your SOLIDWORKS session.

Photorealistic Rendering

Use physics-based rendering to simulate the lit appearance of your illumination system using real optical properties.

Specialized Analysis Features

Specialized analysis features include the Solar Emulator, the Analysis Toolkit for spectral and other analyses, and the Lighting Toolkit.

Ray Visualization

Use interactive ray sorting and path sorting tools to filter rays and quickly visualize problem areas in your design.

Property Database

TracePro features an expansive, user-extendable property database including material, surface, surface scatter, bulk scatter, fluorescence, and surface source properties.