Upalgo Labeling by Ezako

Efficient Time Series Labeling

There are two types of major machine learning techniques: supervised and unsupervised. Supervised learning models tend to be more accurate than unsupervised learning models. However, supervised learning uses labeled datasets, whereas unsupervised learning uses unlabeled datasets. Getting these labels can be very difficult and time-consuming.

This is where Upalgo Labeling comes in handy. Upalgo Labeling is the easiest, fastest way to annotate your time series and sensor data.

Why Upalgo Labeling?


Better AI Models

Produce the most accurate labels to create best-in-class machine learning models.


Save Time

Be quick in your annotation process with the tool’s intuitive UI and smart features.


Data Enrichment

Produce better data enriched with labels and add value to your data.

Key Features

Label Propagator

Upalgo Labeling understands your different label patterns and can propagate the labels to the entire dataset.

Candidate Generator

Upalgo Labeling understands your data and can propose important data patterns as candidates for labeling.

Multi-Variate Context

Upalgo Labeling helps you understand real-life context by enabling a multi-variate labelling experience.

Search Events

Search your dataset for an event or a data pattern.

Export Data

Export your labeled data for use in your favorite AI toolkit.

Compare Charts

Split screen or overlap to compare to data streams and label efficiently.