µWave Wizard™

3D Full Wave Electromagnetic Design Automation Suite

The µWave Wizard software suite by Mician offers synthesis and optimization tools. Its built-in Hybrid Solvers are developing tools combining “several engines under one hood”. This concept takes advantage of the combined strength of individual solvers. Hybrid Solvers subdivide complex structures into components which can be individually simulated using designated solvers best suited for the task.

Instead of using the conventional approach of drawing a complex structure entirely in 3D, user defined elements can be cascaded with predefined library elements in a schematic. Each element is fully described by its modal scattering matrix. By cascading simulated RF performance of all individual components, the frequency response of the complex structure can be accurately predicted.

Libraries can contain single elements such as irises, cavities and junctions but also complex structures such as OMTs, polarizers and horns. All elements are parameterized, enabling users to compose initial designs or introduce modifications in short time. Parameterization also allows users to optimize complex structures in order to meet challenging specifications.

For verification purposes, the hybrid solver results can quickly be verified with the built-in FEM solver. A simple mouse click will compute the cascaded assembly as one huge 3D-FEM object without a change and without additional effort in the construction.

Rapid design capability together with fast execution speeds has proven to shorten the development cycle for RF components. These inherent benefits of µWave Wizard will result in quick return on your investment.

Why µWave Wizard?

uWave Wizard Speed

Speed and Accuracy

Simulation time and development cost can be significantly reduced by composing RF microwave structures.

uWave Wizard optimization

Fast Optimization

Rapid microwave component design thanks to three built-in optimizers interacting with hundreds of parameterized RF library elements and user defined structures.

uWave Wizard Easy Model Setup

Easy Model Setup

Quick composition of complex assemblies using parameterized library elements and 3D modeler components. Built-in synthesizers for filters and antenna feeds.

µWave Wizard Features

Hybrid Solver Concept

This concept takes advantage of the combined strength of individual solvers. Hybrid Solvers sub-divide complex structures into individual components.


The µWave Wizard includes different kinds of optimizers from random to gradient for meeting user defined goal functions.

Interactive Tune

With the interactive tuner, you can tune components or circuits just the way you do it on a test bench.

Synthesis Tools

µWave Wizard supports various synthesis tools for bandpass, lowpass, interdigital filters, tapers, horn antennas and reflectors.


The integrated modeler is a versatile 3D editor capable of creating and modifying geometrical models of 3D and planar structures.