veoCAST by Teraport

Simplified CAD Part Analysis for Casting and Molding

veoCAST is a stand-alone software for the analysis of CAD parts regarding their conformity with casting process requirements (design for manufacturing). With veoCAST, all a part’s relevant criteria can be analyzed quickly with no need for FEM casting simulation. The only prerequisite is the CAD part – no further information on the tool or manufacturing process is necessary. As such, potential problem areas of the cast part can be detected and eliminated at an early stage. veoCAST can be used well before the full-scale finite element process simulation is scheduled. Thanks to its easy handling and intuitive visualization, veoCAST can be used in the design phase and also to enhance procurement and sales processes.

Why veoCAST?

Optimize Designs Early

Detect and resolve potential manufacturing issues during the design phase, reducing costly rework and ensuring optimal design for casting.

Streamline Supplier Selection

Equip technical purchasing departments with the tools to make informed decisions, ensuring suppliers can deliver parts with minimized costs.

Accelerate Quotation Process

Enhance the Request for Quotation (RFQ) process by quickly identifying manufacturing problems, enabling more accurate quotes and solutions.

Key Features

Basic Wall Thickness Analysis

Features Maxima and Minima analysis to avoid material accumulations and thin walls unsuitable for casting. Smart filters eliminate irrelevant measurements.

Advanced Wall Thickness Analysis

Iso surfaces give a preview of the material solidification and potential blowholes. Depth Scopes show the depth of the part color-coded on the part’s surface.

Gap Detection

Gaps on the part surface produce thin walls in the mold without sufficient strength. Smart filters check for a minimum depth of the detected gaps.

Undercut Calculation

Calculation of undercut geometry based on tool opening direction. Sliders can be assigned to single undercuts or groups.

Draft Angle Analysis

Surfaces without sufficient draft angle are highlighted based on a user-selected threshold.

Edge Curvature Analysis

Missing or insufficient fillets of the part edges are detected and visualized. The user can define separate thresholds for inner and outer edges.