Altair® Unlimited™ Appliance on Oracle Cloud Package

You’re a dynamic young startup that’s innovating, evolving, and adapting to solve new, complex problems. You need a trusted partner that can help you navigate complex business challenges and give you access to unparalleled technology so you can redefine what’s possible.

With the Altair Unlimited Appliance on Oracle Cloud package, Altair and Oracle deliver powerful solutions that will turbocharge your startup’s growth. Together, we help startups expand their engineering and HPC capabilities with the Altair Unlimited virtual appliance, a fully managed solution that provides users with modeling and visualization software, solvers, and post-processing tools—all via Oracle Cloud.

HPC Simplified with Altair

We know HPC is daunting – but that’s what we’re here for. Altair Unlimited brings software, system administration, and infrastructure-as-a-service into a single, intuitive platform. This package gives users unlimited use of a range of simulation software and solvers, ideal for companies developing products like e-motors, 3D-printed parts, industrial machinery, biomedical technology, renewable energy, or new forms of transportation who want to enhance the product development process by leveraging the cloud.

Scale Up and Succeed on Oracle Cloud

To keep your operations at peak efficiency, we include industry-leading, user-friendly HPC resource management and web portal software in every system. The Altair Unlimited Appliance on Oracle Cloud package is ideal for startups who need robust simulation, HPC, and cloud resources to develop their products. To qualify, your startup must:

  • Be younger than five years old
  • Have an annual revenue of $5 million or less
  • Be privately held

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