Altair® Cloud/HPC Starter Package

You’re an innovative, agile startup developing cutting-edge VLSI, SoC, or other semiconductor designs that needs to maximize your high-performance computing (HPC) and cloud capabilities enterprise-wide. You’re looking for solutions that provide world-class job scheduling power, offer top-notch high throughput computing, maximize EDA software license usage, and can run everything at sub-millisecond latency. You need an experienced, trusted partner to launch your ambition and help you tackle your most complex jobs.

The Altair Cloud/HPC Starter package will accelerate your startup’s growth by giving you access to a scalable, event-driven computing architecture that makes the most of your simulation licenses. Through this package, you’ll get access to tools like Altair® Accelerator™ and Altair® Monitor™, which are enterprise-grade tools that will give you unmatched speed and power no matter your HPC and cloud needs.

License-Aware, High-Throughput Computing

Our tools meet your needs regardless of the scale and scope of your work. Both Altair Accelerator and Altair Monitor are enterprise-grade tools that meet the complex demands of semiconductor and electronic design automation (EDA) needs and help VLSI teams get the best from their designs. Both tools are flexible, adaptable, and scalable enough to empower you to maximize your control over data and its insights. Whether you’re managing small, dedicated server farms or complex, distributed HPC cluster environments, Altair’s solutions are the right tools for the job.

Scale Up and Succeed with Altair

To get startups moving as quickly as possible, we offer all our Startup Program packages at a discounted price and include full support and training from our experts. The HPC/Cloud Starter package includes:

  • Access to Altair Accelerator, Altair Monitor, and more
  • Expertise, training, and support from Altair experts
  • Co-marketing opportunities with Altair

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