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PM-FlexTire™ Makes Tracks for the Altair Partner Alliance

High fidelity simulation of the interaction between tires and soft terrain is now available to Altair customers via the ever-expanding Altair Partner Alliance (APA) ecosystem. The product of a five-year collaboration, PM-FlexTire™ combines the outstanding tire engineering expertise of Pratt Miller Engineering (PM) with Altair EDEM™, Altair's software for bulk and granular material simulation. Designers working on vehicles and mobile platforms that operate on soft soil terrains can realize game-changing benefits that include significant reductions in prototyping, time to market, and overall development costs.

“PM-FlexTire™ represents the best of PM and EDEM,” said Doug Louth, chief technology officer for PM. "It quite simply offers a new state-of-the-art for fast, accurate development of off-road mobility for sectors such as defense, agriculture, construction, planetary exploration, and automotive and commercial off-road. By including pressure dependency and tread geometry, we're breaking new ground in terms of what's possible in the virtual domain."

PM is widely recognized for its achievements in motorsport. These include the Corvette Racing program, an eight-time winner of 24 Hours of Le Mans, the world’s premier endurance racing event. However, PM’s capabilities extend beyond the racetrack. With a broad product development skillset, tire engineering is firmly established as one of the company’s core competencies.

PM-FlexTire™ puts this expertise and experience at the heart of EDEM, a highly intuitive working environment that already delivers deep insight into how materials such as soils interact with equipment. As a result, it builds on an extensive and proven array of user benefits, including highly realistic behaviors, a fast and easy workflow, and effortless integration with CAE and other simulation tools to deliver a virtual test environment for evaluating off-road vehicle mobility.

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