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Altair Welcomes Exotrail to the Altair Partner Alliance

Altair is thrilled to welcome Exotrail to the Altair Partner Alliance (APA). Within the APA, Exotrail will offer customers access to spacestudio, a satellite mission design and simulation software used to design the geometry of satellite constellations. spacestudio™ is also used to perform rapid trade-offs on satellites’ subsystems, accounting for high-level mission constraints. Overall, spacestudio™ helps users streamline their systems engineering workflows, especially in the early system design phase.

spacestudio™ will give Altair customers, especially in the aerospace industry, access to a new space mission design and simulation software to complete their workflows, allowing them to quickly iterate on the preliminary design phases of their projects: constellation geometry design and satellite subsystems sizing. More specifically, spacestudio™ allows users to: 

  • Easily design and simulate complex orbital maneuvers using continuous or impulsive burns modeled in different orbital regimes, such as low earth orbit (LEO), medium earth orbit (MEO), or geostationary orbit (GEO).
  • Perform high-level analyses to allow for fast early space design iterations.
  • Design and validate mission planning from deployment to deorbiting.
  • Perform rapid trade-offs to analyze subsystems’ impacts on trajectory.
  • Generate and simulate constellations based on service level requirements.
  • Empower non-flight dynamics experts.
  • Conduct thorough, accurate preliminary mission analysis and system design.

“We are excited to partner with Altair to bring our spacestudio™ mission design software to the Altair One® Marketplace. By teaming up with a leading major software provider like Altair, Exotrail is entering an ecosystem that empowers organizations to streamline their products, systems, and processes,” said David Henri, co-founder and chief product officer, Exotrail. “This partnership opens exciting opportunities for us to connect with a diverse user base and drive the creation of a more sustainable space industry. We look forward to supporting Altair’s community to design and plan their next missions with spacestudio™.”

Founded in 2017 and headquartered in Massy, France, Exotrail is an end-to-end space mobility operator that designs, develops, and operate mobility solutions for an agile space. The company’s mission is to enable small satellites to move in space, optimize their deployment, increase their service performance, and reduce space pollution. Exotrail has customers across North America, Europe, and Asia.

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