Available Modules

Coustyx: NVH analysis software that yields fast, accurate solutions to very large problems in acoustics, across a wide frequency range.

All modules of Coustyx are included in the APA version.

Products Not Currently Available Through the APA

Calyx: Customizable multibody dynamic and static, 2D and 3D FE based contact solver engine.

Helical3D: 3D external and internal helical gear pair contact analysis.

HypoidFaceHobbed: Geometric modeling and contact analysis of face-hobbed spiral-bevel and hypoid gears.

HypoidFaceMilled: Geometric modeling and contact analysis of face-milled spiral-bevel and hypoid gears.

Planetary2D: 2D static and dynamic analysis of simple planetary systems.

Transmission3D: 3D multi-gear pair contact analysis with multiple gear generation packages.