Report Reconciliation

Reconciling data from multiple sources is necessary for nearly every department to get accurate answers to critical questions. Manually cleaning, joining, transforming reports for reconciliation takes an enormous amount of time, is repetitive and error prone.

Altair empowers you to extract data from any source, including PDF and text reports, and then automate repeatable reconciliation workflows, so you can save time, instill more trust in your output and focus more on analyzing your results.

Faster, More Accurate Audits

Audit data arrives in PDF and text-based reports from clients and third party systems and you need to make sure these wildly disparate sources match up with the books. Reconciling these two pieces of the puzzle is usually laborious and time consuming. This is why audits are painstaking and slow for everyone involved.

Altair automates the extraction of complex data and comparison of multiple sources. Auditors spend less time preparing information, have more confidence in their evaluations, can instantly identify fraud and recover more money for their clients. Use Altair to join and transform newly extracted data with a UI that’s easier than Excel, decrease unbillable hours spent manually extracting, rekeying and preparing the audit data, and increase customer service and customer satisfaction.

For external audits Altair solutions provide full data lineage, reconciliation configuration and change history for all reports, speeds the audit process and provides evidence that your organization adhered to all regulatory and compliance rules.

Fully Automate Migration of Legacy Data to a New System

Whether moving to the cloud or replacing a legacy system with a more modern software package that better meets the needs of your business, enterprise system migrations are daunting because they are infamously slow and resource-intensive.

The sheer amount of time and effort needed to convert and re-format legacy data to be ingested by the new system can be bring the project to a screeching halt.

Altair turns this manual, months-long process into an automated workflow that rips through years of data and completes the migration in a few hours or days.