nCode DesignLife by HBK

CAE Solution for Fatigue Life Prediction from Finite Element Models

nCode DesignLife is an up-front design tool that identifies critical locations and calculates realistic fatigue lives from leading FE results for both metals and composites. nCode DesignLife features advanced capabilities to rapidly deliver accurate fatigue life predictions. Major OEMs and their suppliers use nCode DesignLife worldwide to answer questions like "How long will it last?" or "Will it pass the test?" before a prototype is even made.

Why nCode DesignLife?

Reduce Reliance on Physical Test

nCode DesignLife allows you to design it right the first time using simulation technology to identify areas of design optimization and improvement.

Reduce Cost and Weight

nCode DesignLife enables you to assess the design and material options that create efficient and effective products.

Standardized Analysis Processes

The standardized analysis process improves consistency and quality.

Key Features

Virtual Strain Gauge and Virtual Sensor

Virtual strain gauge and virtual sensors enable correlation between test and FE results.

Crack Growth

Crack growth provides a complete fracture mechanics capability using industry standard methodologies for specified locations on an FE model.

Signal Processing

nCode Fundamentals are included for basic data manipulation, analysis, and visualization. Duty cycles can be defined by selecting from and building multiple cases.

Materials Manager

Materials manager enables materials data to be added, edited, and plotted. A standard database with fatigue properties for many commonly used materials is included.

Custom Analysis

Custom analysis enables Python or MATLAB scripts to be used to extend existing analysis capabilities - perfect for proprietary methods or research projects.


FE-Display enables the graphical display of FE models with contours of stress results.