Available Modules

DesignLife Base includes:

nCode Fundamentals: Entry-level product option which provides visualization and basic manipulation, signal processing, and filtering capability

DesignLife Base: Mandatory component of any DesignLife system that provides basic tools for input of data, processing, output, and viewing results. This also includes Virtual Strain Gauge capability that enables strain or stress data to be extracted from locations ion a model for direct correlation with measured test data.

Base Bundle Solvers:

  • E-N Strain Life Solver
  • S-N Stress Life Solver
  • Dang Van solver
  • Safety Factor solver
  • GlyphBuilder

Advanced Solver Bundle:

  • Vibration Fatigue Solver: Enables stress-life calculations based on FE-based FRFs and PSD, swept-sine or sine dwell loading definitions. Includes multiple static offset and temperature loadcases.
  • Spot Weld Solver: Enables spot-weld fatigue life calculations. Python scripting can also be used to add new or proprietary methods.
  • Seam Weld Solver: Enables seam weld fatigue life calculations, including laser welds. Supports solid elements for seam weld using the stress integration method outlined in the ASME Boiler & Pressure Vessel Code III, Division 2.
  • Adhesive Bond Solver

Thread Option: Rapidly solve fatigue large FE models and complete usage schedules using multi-threaded processing.

MultiLoad Vibration: Enables Multi PSD and Sine on Random loading.

Batch processing solver: Uses Flowproc to run any complete flow in batch mode or DTProc to run DesignLife nCodeDT batch scripts.

Modules and Products Not Currently Available Through the APA

OptiStruct h3d (limited): OptiStruct h3d support is limited, and it currently does not cover the Vibration Fatigue, Spot Weld, Seam Weld, Adhesive Bond, and Short Fibre Composite Solvers.

GlyphWorks: Data processing system for durability.

Thermo-Mechanical Fatigue Bundle: Provides solvers for high temperature fatigue and creep by using stress and temperature results from finite element simulations.

Short Fibre Composite Fatigue Bundle: Enables stress-life (SN) fatigue calculations for anisotropic materials such as glass fiber filled thermoplastics.