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Design, Modeling, and Performance Evaluation of a 2010 Toyota Prius Motor

Design, Modeling, and Performance Evaluation of a 2010 Toyota Prius Motor

In this webinar, PSIM teams up with JMAG, a leading FEA motor design software, to show how the PSIM-JMAG toolchain can be used to design and model a motor accurately and evaluate the motor performance quickly. We use scripting to automate simulations to generate efficiency maps of the motor and inverter.

Using the 2010 Toyota Prius Motor as an example, we illustrate how such a motor can be designed using JMAG.

Once the motor is designed, a JMAG-RT model can be created for motor drive performance evaluation. The JMAG-RT model retains the accuracy of the FEA model while delivering the speed of an equivalent circuit model. Once the JMAG-RT model is available, we set up a motor drive system very quickly in PSIM using the Motor Control Design Suite. Advanced motor control algorithms, such as maximum-torque-per-ampere control and field weakening control, are already included. With the JMAG-RT model and PSIM’s power converter simulation capability, we can simulate the motor drive system as close to real life as possible.

Using PSIM’s script function, we run multiple simulations automatically and evaluate the motor performance easily. Specifically, we show how to generate the efficiency maps of the motor, the inverter, and the overall drive system. This information is invaluable for system engineers to operate the motor at an optimum operating condition.



- Introduction to JMAG Toolchain

- Motor implementation in JMAG Designer

- Introduction to JMAG-RT

- JMAG-RT Model Setup

- PSIM link with JMAG-RT

- PSIM Motor Control Design Suite template

- Example: Efficiency map for a total motor drive system


Hosts of the webinar are representatives of Powersim, the developers of PSIM, and Powersys the North American distributor of JMAG.

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