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Altair® romAI™

Reduced Order Modeling (ROM) and System Identification from Simulation and Test Data

Altair® romAI™ is a game-changing artificial intelligence (AI)-powered technology within Altair® Twin Activate™. Leveraging ROMs for system evaluation speeds up computationally expensive simulations, such as discrete element method (DEM), computational fluid dynamics (CFD), and finite element (FEA) analyses, leaving more room to test ideas and optimize system performance. This streamlined approach helps organizations reduce time to market, slash costs, and reach their sustainability goals faster.

Why romAI?

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Easy to Use

Its no-code application, intuitive interface, ROM capabilities, and AI-powered workflows enable teams to innovate at blazing speed.

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Compatible, Open, and Flexible

romAI is optimized for performing multidisciplinary analysis and supports the popular FMI and DLL standards.

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Unparalleled Innovation

romAI’s combined AI and dynamic system theory technology produces superior accuracy with less data.

Accelerate Innovation with Altair® romAI™

Access our game-changing romAI model order reduction and system identification technology directly from Altair® Twin Activate™ today.

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Key Features

Data Preparation

Pre-process and filter raw data if needed and understand the correlation between variables.

Static and Dynamic Modeling

Define inputs, outputs, and optional state variables for dynamic models. Auto-explore or define hyperparameters such as hidden layers, neurons, and epochs.

Result Evaluation

Evaluate the generated model through targets versus predictions plots, hyperplanes, and time and instances evaluations.

Model Deployment from Twin Activate

Reuse, accelerate multidisciplinary analysis, and deploy digital twins; export models via FMI, C code, and DLL formats for use in third-party software or hardware.