Altair® S-CALC™

Increase productivity and design accuracy with S-CALC, an advanced section property calculator. Ideal for non-standard sections with complex geometry and multiple materials, S-CALC delivers over sixteen section properties with optional calculation methods: database values, closed-form solutions, FEA methods, and more. Easily define models in S-CALC's graphical editor or import geometry and material data from BIM and DXF files.


Properties and Calculation Methods

S-CALC gives users the power to generate over sixteen section properties calculated about the centroid or any reference axis, and lets users control the calculation method by giving them the option to use database values, closed-form solutions, proprietary polygon algorithms, or Finite Element Analysis (FEA) methods. And users can quickly compare different calculation method results to help them make confident judgements.

Create multi-material sections and calculate properties based on the chosen reference material. Use default materials including steel, concrete, timber, aluminum, and iron, or change the materials to customized values. S-CALC gives users the option to save customized values in resource libraries so they can access and reuse them later.

Easy Section Definition

S-CALC also lets users easily define sections by selecting and combining shapes from steel databases or from over 70 parametric shapes, including built-up, cold formed, bridge, and more. From there, users can combine, merge, and modify shape geometry and material. And the parametric shape library includes standard, hollow, cold formed, reinforced concrete, bridge, rail, and user-defined polygons.   

Additionally, users can explode compound shapes into multiple child shapes for further control over dimensions, positions, and materials. Save time by importing complex geometry users have already modeled in AutoCAD® DXF and Revit® files.


Automate Any Process or Workflow

Users can save time by automating repetitive or iterative processes like section sizing, scanning databases for appropriate sections, reporting, file read and write operations, or FEA settings by creating automated tasks with the built-in S-CALC API and Integrated Development Environment. Optionally directly integrate our API into your .NET project.

Full Project Workflow Integration

Easily transfer geometry, material, and section property data between S-CALC and analysis solutions such as S-FRAME and S-TIMBER. Additionally, users can import and export data with AutoCAD® DXF, or Revit® files. S-CALC handles various unit systems and can map imported shapes to sections from common databases or recognize them as parametric or custom shapes.

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