Altair® S-TIMBER™

S-TIMBER is an all-in-one solution for mass timber structural analysis and design. Use a single work environment to model and analyze hybrid structures built from timber, concrete, and steel elements, and efficiently design all timber structural members for code compliance whenever a model is updated. With built-in automation for fast model creation, section and material property calculators, linear, nonlinear, vibration and RSA structural analysis capabilities, plus design report exports, S-TIMBER is a time-saving solution for mass timber code compliance validation.

Model Management, Simplified

With S-TIMBER, users can work efficiently with large and small models in a dedicated timber design management system and generate a regular framework of beams and columns for efficient modeling. Quickly replicate stories, floors, walls, or any structural member with automation and customization.

Organization saves time – place modeling elements like beams, columns, walls, and floors into user-defined groups and filter to isolate areas of interest to hide, show, or select objects. S-TIMBER’s color-coded properties visualize different model components, which is especially helpful for large models. And users can quickly alternate between different model views such as Object, Framing, FE Model, and Results.

Analysis and Design

Save time as S-TIMBER manages the underlying FEA model – including panel meshes, panel strip lines, and member physical and rigid offsets. Meshing algorithms consider framing and internal joints, members, panels, non-coplanar panel intersections, and panel coordinate systems while giving users complete control over the mesh design.

Users can also analyze hybrid structures modeled with mixed timber, concrete, steel, or any user-defined material. Perform a 3D linear static, nonlinear static, vibration, or RSA analysis with support for isotropic and transverse isotropic materials. Design curved timber beams having any angle, radius, and modeled as smooth or discrete subdivisions. And S-TIMBER automatically generates member bearing areas and effective lengths from framing members.

Code-check and design Sawn Lumber, Glued-Laminated Timber (Glulam), and Cross-Laminated Timber (CLT) with consideration for notches, bearing areas and boreholes, and perform a material take-off and cost estimate at the same time with generated analyses.

Unlimited Customization

Users can customize and automate every object, property, and operation in S-TIMBER. With unlimited customization via Python scripting, automate any analysis or code check operation, or add a new feature functionality. Record, modify and save workflow actions into custom S-TIMBER Wizards; additionally, users can share and reuse saved custom Wizards organization-wide to expand S-TIMBER’s core functionality and increase efficiency.


Full Project Workflow Integration

Users can import model geometry from DXF files for fast model creation and export DXF files from the finished model for postprocessing or manufacturing operations. Additionally, data links between S-TIMBER and Altair® S-FOUNDATION™ transfer the superstructure’s reactions and geometry directly into S-FOUNDATION for efficient foundation analysis and design.

Users can also define custom sections and materials to allow for non-standard sections. Automatically calculate section and material properties based on dimensions, number of plies or layers, grades, timber condition, and treatment for parametric Sawn lumber, Glulam, and CLT sections – the fully-integrated Altair® S-CALC™ section calculator is ideal for complex or compound sections.

Additionally, users can transfer model geometry and material properties to and from Revit®, and import from ETABS® and STAAD® models; S-TIMBER can also export model information to Excel® files, including the structure’s model data, analysis, design results, material quantities, and member strip line diagram data for custom postprocessing.

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