TIM Studio by Tangent Works

Automatically Create Predictive Models for Forecasting and Anomaly Detection

With the TIM Studio, you can create predictive models in seconds for better, faster forecasting and anomaly detection that lets you put powerful, automated predictive analytics at the heart of your operations.

TIM Studio is a unique, automatic predictive model building engine powered by game-changing artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning technology and designed for the most business relevant data – time series data.

Gartner and other worldwide data analytics experts have recognized the TIM InstantML engine, it has won dozens of competitions and hackathons regarding both speed and accuracy, including the renowned Global Energy Forecasting (GEFCom) competition.


Why TIM Studio?


TIM provides you with the automation, reliability, and continuity you need to make your day-to-day operations data-driven.


TIM InstantML supports large-scale, automated business processes. With it, you can build hundreds of predictive models in just a couple of minutes.


TIM InstantML automates everything and delivers more accurate time series use case data compared to AutoML.

Key Features


Quickly and efficiently explore the predictive value in the large quantity of time series data you have throughout your organization.


Easily automate and manage predictions to support your daily operations and decision-making.


Build powerful predictive applications based on hyperautomated, explainable AI.