Total Materia Horizon by Total Materia AG

The World's Most Comprehensive Materials Database

Total Materia (TM) Horizon contains information for more than 500,000 metallic and non-metallic materials, and contains material properties data in 26 different languages, catering to various global industries such as aerospace, machinery, automotive, energy and utilities, and more. Additionally, TM Horizon supports both efficient material selection decisions and diverse engineering challenges with a vast range of data including stress-strain, fatigue data, and much more.

Why Total Materia Horizon?

Solution for Material Properties

Total Materia Horizon offers outstanding time savings, increased accuracy and reliability, and a common platform for repeatable results throughout the organization.

Unique Collection of Advanced Property

Users can avoid costly and potentially dangerous errors, open new opportunities for more optimized and cost-effective design, and enhance accuracy and efficiency.

Bridge the Gap Between Source and CAE

Elimination of data editing errors and streaimlining increases accuracy and offers tremendous time savings by relieving tedious retyping.

Key Features

The Biggest Source in the World

Total Materia Horizon is the largest material properties database and knowledge source worldwide, with more than 20,000,000 property records for over 500,000 materials.

The Most Powerful Cross-references

The quickest and most comprehensive international cross-reference tables, with unique categorization of equivalents and similarity.

Advanced Properties for FEA/CAE

The largest collection of stress-strain, fatigue, and formability data available on the planet, supporting linear and non-linear calculations.

Ultimate Material Identification

The proprietary, patented algorithms for metal identification from chemical composition are recognized by the leading spectrometer producers.

Certified Quality and Always Up to Date

Top quality and the highest reliability of the only dual certified quality and information security processes in the industry.

International Cross Reference Tables

International cross reference tables are available from 59 countries giving the ultimate assistance in identifying similar and equivalent materials.