Available Modules

eXporter: In the APA version, this module facilitates the export of standard and advanced property data for metals and non-metals with Altair® Optistruct® and Altair® Radioss®. 

Extended Range: Provides a rich dataset of material properties like stress-strain curves and fatigue data, which are crucial for advanced structural and thermal calculations and comparative analysis across materials from diverse origins, aiding in efficient engineering simulations.

Material Console: Streamlines material selection through features such as list creation, comparison tools, and personalized libraries for preferred materials, improving workflow and enabling quick justification and validation of material selections. 

PolyPLUS: Offers a comprehensive dataset of non-metallic materials properties alongside metallic materials, serving as a one-stop solution for all material needs and streamlining access to essential data for FEA/CAE calculations.

Suppliers: Connects material specifications with global suppliers, streamlining the procurement process and enhancing global purchasing coordination through a platform covering numerous countries and languages.

Total Materia Premium Edition: Exclusive for APA users, encapsulates the Total Metals, Extended Range, eXporter, and PolyPLUS modules, providing a comprehensive material database along with the ability to import advanced property data into OptiStruct and Radioss.

Total Metals: Largest metallic material properties database facilitating foreign material equivalency, comparison, and global material searches, making it an invaluable resource for informed engineering decision-making.

Tracker: Provides a monthly notification service for material and standard updates, ensuring data reliability and promoting informed decision-making, while enabling focused tracking of material modifications for precision in engineering endeavors.


Modules Not Currently Available Through the APA

Compliance: Serves as a global hub for materials and substances regulations, offering immediate access to inventory lists, hazard data, and transport info aligned with international standards like REACH and RoHS. Simplifies meeting legal obligations while enhancing risk management and time efficiency in compliance analysis.

DataPLUS: A supplementary module providing data subsets on joint information, lubricants, coolants, material dimensions, tribology, and coatings for a vast array of metallic and non-metallic materials.

Enviro: Provides corrosion data, irradiation, weathering, and aging information for thousands of metallic and non-metallic materials, aiding in material selection and analysis.

Green Line: Addresses manufacturing compliance and sustainability challenges by offering tools for assessing material compliance, comparing environmental impacts, and ensuring updated and compliant Bill of Materials (BOMs).

Integrator: Enables the creation of a private company database for material information, encompassing internal standards, regulations, test data, and external data sources, promoting organized data management.

Predictor: Utilizes machine learning to forecast materials properties, aiming to aid engineers and simulation experts by reducing the time and costs associated with physical testing, and enhancing simulation quality for accelerated product development.

SmartComp: Identifies metals by their chemical composition obtained from analytical sources like spectrometers, aiding in failure analysis, reverse engineering, and quality assessment activities.