Using Altair Software for Simulation-driven Design

The widespread adoption of Altair SimSolid™ has enabled customers to accurately test more ideas during each design iteration. Altair Inspire™ was the first tool to democratize topology optimization. Altair Inspire now embeds the speed and accuracy of SimSolid supporting faster, easier design exploration and product creation for allowing design engineers, product designers, and architects to create and investigate structurally efficient concepts for complex assemblies.

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Altair Inspire - Accelerate Simulation Driven Design

Altair Inspire is a tool that empowers you to create, explore, and study structurally efficient designs. This demo gives a brief overview of Inspire's motion, optimization, modeling, and analysis capabilities.

Product Overview Videos

Altair Inspire - Rapid Design Changes with the Speed and Accuracy of SimSolid

Altair Inspire now integrates Altair SimSolid for fast, accurate structural analysis of complex assemblies, as independently validated by NAFEMS. In this short demonstration we'll show how to analyze the structural performance of an agricultural seeder, applying geometry modifications in seconds.

Altair SimSolid - Simulate at the Speed of Design

By performing structural analyses on fully featured CAD assemblies within minutes, SimSolid is the game-changing simulation technology for designers, engineers, and analysts. In this short demo, we'll show how the structural performance for different variants of a CubeSat can quickly be evaluated and compared.

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