Cut cycle time and boost quality! Get more from your mold tryouts.

VARIMOS Real helps you to get the most out of your plastic injection molds. Find optimal machine settings through systematic DOE-based tryouts and monitor quality during serial production.

VARIMOS Real ensures your tryouts are efficient and conclusive, and you get the best results that are feasible with your mold. It helps you plan your tryouts as an efficient design of experiments, and it helps you learn from the results. It will suggest an optimal solution for you, but it's not a blackbox: it will also show you what would happen with other configurations. Get better, conclusive results, faster, with a single session of tryouts. And the best thing is you'll know in advance how many shots it will take! Scheduling your machine time has never been easier.


Reduce Cycle Time, Boost Quality

Get better results from your mold. Our results show that you can often reduce cycle times by 5-10% more than you thought, without sacrificing part quality.

Need a Mold Correction? Prove it

Tired of speculating whether you need a mold correction, or whether maybe there are better parameters that you haven’t found yet? Now you can prove it.

Know How Settings Change Results

If your colleague or customers asks, “what if we changed this setting…?" you’ll know the answer instantly, thanks to VARIMOS’s sensitivity analysis.

Key Features

Plan Efficient, Conclusive Tryouts

Tell VARIMOS what parameters you can vary, and it will suggest an efficient, conclusive tryout plan. Know the number of trials needed in advance. No more than needed!

Find Better Machine Settings

Based on your tryouts, VARIMOS will suggest optimal machine settings and predict the optimal achievable results. Truly optimal, without the guesswork.

Analyze Sensitivity to Changes

VARIMOS Real is not a black box. It doesn’t just suggest an optimum, it also tells you what would change if you did things differently. Lead better discussions!

Assess Robustness

VARIMOS Real will show you how wide your process window is. How far can you go before you violate tolerances? How much variance can you tolerate?

Monitor Quality

VARIMOS Real can learn how mold and machine sensor data predict part quality. You can use this to monitor and document quality during serial production!

Evaluate the Need for Mold Corrections

VARIMOS Real will show you the best results that are feasible. If even the optimum is not good enough, you'll know you need to correct your mold.