Modules Currently Available

VARIMOS Real: VARIMOS Real helps machine setters get the most out of their mold by setting up better mold tryouts, using AI to learn from the results. Do your tryouts right, and do them only once. Get conclusive results the first time, instead of embarking on repeated and frustrating trial-and-error learning. Cut short discussions by conclusively proving whether you need a mold correction or not! Understand how robust your process is and how wide your process window is. Remove all simulation uncertainty, but still get the benefits of AI-based learning. VARIMOS Real will ask you for a list of machine variables that you can manipulate. It will then suggest a design of experiments for running your tryouts. Once you have produced sample parts, you measure their quality and feed that back into VARIMOS Real. The AI in VARIMOS Real will interpret the results, and output your process window, as well as a sensitivity analysis, and a suggestion for optimal settings, based on your targets. You can try different machine settings virtually, and VARIMOS Real will predict what will happen to your part quality. VARIMOS Real creates these predictions based on your real-world results, and not based on simulation. This way, you get the highest-confidence results and can optimize the last bit of cycle time and quality, before going into serial production. Instead of multiple rounds of trial and error, run a concentrated, efficient set of tryouts, and set your parameters with confidence. After running your tryouts, you will know with much more confidence whether your tolerances are achievable with optimal machine settings, or whether a mold correction is needed. You will also be able to optimize things that are not yet represented in simulation, such as the surface quality of the part.