3DXpert by Oqton

Integrated Software for Industrial Additive Manufacturing

3DXpert is an advanced build preparation, simulation, and design for additive manufacturing (DfAM) solution.  

With this software, users can utilize the rich toolset of 3DXpert to swiftly take parts of any design complexity through build preparation, using a robust, tried, and tested workflow to ensure high success rates and low costs. 

3DXpert helps users to prepare parts for printing – orientate, support, nest, slice, and send to the printer using the strongest toolset on the market. Additionally, users can simulate the build process using mechanical and thermal simulation to ensure the highest printing quality and use a complete, comprehensive set of DfAM tools to generate lattices, infills, textures, and implicit geometry.


Why 3DXpert?

Save Time

Shorten design to manufacturing lead time by streamlining your preparation and optimization workflows, utilizing automation, and eliminating failed builds.

Reduce Costs

Reduce printing time and material consumption, eliminate costly failed builds, and eliminate errors by using a cohesive end-to-end system.

Optimize Designs

Hybrid modeling: solid, mesh, and implicit design tools – alongside lattices and textures –  enable users to achieve accurate designs no matter the complexity.

Key Features

End-to-End Build Prep Process

Prepare, optimize, and manufacture 3D CAD models using additive manufacturing with a single software tool that covers the entire process.

Design for Additive Manufacturing

Optimize your DfAM with a complete toolset including solid, mesh and implicit design, lattices, infills, and textures.

Prepare for Build

Utilize our complete build prep toolset for orientation, support generation, 2D/3D nesting, and slicing, alongside analysis and process simulation.

Simulate Build

Predict issues that may result in build failure or printer damage before sending the part to print, with a fully embedded simulation of the build process.

Stabilize Thermal Process

Simulate build chamber thermal conditions, predict build issues, and make changes to achieve thermal stability.

Automate Your Workflow

Utilize our state-of-the-art, programming-free scripting environment to automate your process and let 3DXpert do the heavy lifting for you.