A male programmer at his workstation uses Altair AI Cloud software to build and deploy complex machine learning algorithms in a full cloud-based environment.

Altair® AI Cloud

Enterprise-Scale Data Science

Altair AI Cloud (formerly RapidMiner Cloud) is the enterprise-ready data science platform that amplifies the collective impact of your people, expertise, and data so you can achieve true competitive breakthroughs. Altair AI Cloud’s structured adoption methodology makes data science engaging and approachable for everyone in your organization, and it unifies the entire data science lifecycle from data exploration and machine learning to model operations and visualization.

Integrate Altair AI Cloud with your existing systems and data sources to streamline collaboration across teams. The software supports full automation for novices, an integrated notebook environment for data science experts, and a visual drag-and-drop designer for those in between.

Why Altair AI Cloud?

Senior male and female executives discussing results from explainable AI models built in Altair AI Cloud that contradict previous assumptions.

Accessible AI

Altair AI Cloud provides a visual workflow designer along with a complete development environment for coders. It offers a common space for users of every skill level, from business users to seasoned data scientists, to contribute to AI development projects. The transformative power of its generative AI capabilities drive growth and profitability.

Rack of computer equipment running Altair AI Cloud advanced machine learning development software.

Enterprise Collaboration

Altair AI Cloud provides the governance, security, and scalability your people and teams need to stay organized and collaborate efficiently. Data science teams, analysts, developers, project managers, and business stakeholders all over the world can seamlessly work together as they bring projects to fruition.

Senior male executive reviews financial report on implementation of new data analytics and machine learning software system with two younger colleagues.

Fast Time to Value

Jumpstart and scale your enterprise AI efforts with our frictionless software-as-a-service platform using the cloud infrastructure of your choice, without compromising on security. Innovate faster and eliminate the challenges and costs associated with maintaining on-premises infrastructure.

Key Features

Universal Connectivity

Access virtually any data from any data source in any location, including cloud services, data lakes, enterprise warehouses, databases, IoT data feeds, spreadsheets, and other file-based data formats.

Low- and No-Code Interfaces

Empower anyone to build models with Altair AI Cloud’s automated machine learning, feature engineering, forecasting, and drag-and-drop visual workflow tools.

Integrated Coding Tools

Give your more experienced data science teams and programmers access to their preferred IDEs in the cloud, with central control and governance of coding environments.

End-to-End AI Management

Use Altair AI Cloud at every step — from rapid experimentation to production-ready model development and deployment. Integrate AI with your business processes through APIs or flexible automation. Monitor projects and models from a central location to ensure reliable results.

Scalable Cloud Platform

Altair AI Cloud is built for enterprises. Scale up from lighthouse projects to enterprise-wide deployment, manage collaboration across your entire organization, and flexibly operationalize AI with automated elastic scaling of models and workloads.

Built-In Learning and Onboarding Center

Get up to speed in a just few hours using in-product guidance, context-aware help, a built-in training portal, and easy-to-follow inline documentation.

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