A male programmer at his workstation uses Altair AI Cloud software to build and deploy complex machine learning algorithms in a full cloud-based environment.

Altair® AI Cloud™

Enterprise-Scale Data Science

Altair® AI Cloud™ (formerly RapidMiner Cloud) is the enterprise-ready data science platform that amplifies the collective impact of your people, expertise, and data so you can achieve true competitive breakthroughs. Altair AI Cloud’s structured adoption methodology makes data science engaging and approachable for everyone in your organization, and it unifies the entire data science lifecycle from data exploration and machine learning to model operations and visualization.

Integrate Altair AI Cloud with your existing systems and data sources to streamline collaboration across teams. The software supports full automation for novices, an integrated notebook environment for data science experts, and a visual drag-and-drop designer for those in between.

Why Altair AI Cloud?

Senior male executive reviews financial report on implementation of new data analytics and machine learning software system with two younger colleagues.


Eliminate overprovisioning and optimize your spend. Reduce startup costs without sacrificing capacity or capability.

Rack of computer equipment running Altair AI Cloud advanced machine learning development software.


Altair AI Cloud is built for deployment within global enterprises. With it, you can scale up to any number of users, orchestrate and manage user groups with highly granular permissions, and handle data sources of any size.

Senior male and female executives discussing results from explainable AI models built in Altair AI Cloud that contradict previous assumptions.


Prevent the erosion of trust and overcome a lack of process in AI and machine learning by collaborating in an auditable environment with explainable, understandable models and interactive apps.

Key Features


Altair AI Cloud connects directly to all your sources, from flat files to databases to data lakes to Internet of Things (IoT) data streams.


Use the software’s intuitive UI to examine your source data and model outputs to gain new insights into your operations and opportunities.


Develop and deploy automated data prep models that simplify repetitive work, reduce errors, and help ensure that your machine learning models generate valid results.

Secure and Governed

Authenticate users, authorize access, encrypt data, and maintain auditability. Ensure that every insight your team generates is based on credible information.

Integrate into Enterprise Operations

Evaluate, compare, deploy, monitor, and manage machine learning models at scale. Incorporate machine learning models into your infrastructure easily.

Collaborate Effectively

Altair AI Cloud makes it easy for teams to work together from different locations. They can share access to computing resources, data, models, and development environments.

Featured Workflows

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  3. Improve the Efficiency, Profitability, and Accuracy of Mortgage Operations