A female supervisor examines how a male machine learning model developer has used Altair AI Hub to integrate an AI model into the company’s customer-facing website.

Altair® AI Hub™

Deploy and Manage AI Projects and Models at Enterprise Scale

Altair® AI Hub™ (formerly RapidMiner AI Hub) provides a central workspace for data science teams. Team members can work together to share resources, execute workflows, deploy models, and integrate them into other systems. It’s built on advanced container technology and facilitates collaboration on artificial intelligence (AI) development projects for users of all stripes, including people without programming expertise, experienced developers, and everyone in between. It facilitates widespread re-use of work while ensuring that your projects and data are only viewed by people with the proper permissions.

Altair AI Hub’s project-based framework allows you to organize all the work that’s associated with a given use case so your team can easily refer to it — and share it with others when they’re solving similar problems.

Why Altair AI Hub?

Two female AI model development professionals collaborate on deployment and management of a machine learning algorithm using Altair AI Hub software.


Altair AI Hub's writes data transformations and/or process steps back to Altair AI Studio our visual workflow designer - without any danger of team members overwriting each other's work. Its advanced versioning capabilities enable data science team members to experiment freely in the same version space that contains all of their workflows, notebooks, and models.

A graphic shield image protects an AI developer's keyboard, symbolizing the importance of security and governance in deploying and maintaining AI models.


Altair AI Hub’s security framework gives you the ability to authenticate users, authorize their access, encrypt your data, and audit it over time. With full control over who’s accessing data and visibility into the data itself, you can ensure every insight your team generates is based on credible information.

A two-person machine learning algorithm development team develops automated routines for implementation of newly created AI models in a public-facing website.


Altair AI Hub makes it easy to deploy models, schedule workflows, or even create web apps, including customer-facing interactive dashboards. It supports scalable model operations, tight cross-application integration, and enterprise-grade control.

Key Features


Incorporate Altair AI Hub into your infrastructure, connect directly to all your data sources (including Hadoop and other big data sources), schedule long-running processes on specialized hardware, and expose web APIs to your customers.


The software’s projects framework supports centralized collaboration and governance of AI projects.


Altair AI Hub delivers agility and traceability by integrating fine-grained version control based on Git standards.

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