A data science team discusses the value of using Altair RapidMiner AI tools to develop new mission-critical workflows and algorithms for a global enterprise.

Altair® AI Studio™

Data Science Design Software

Make powerful insights accessible to your entire organization. No matter how your team is structured or how mature your data science efforts are, Altair® AI Studio™ (formerly RapidMiner Studio) is the data science tool anyone can use to design and prototype highly explainable AI and machine learning models that help build trust throughout your organization.

Altair AI Studio offers a visual drag-and-drop workflow designer for non-coding domain experts, automated machine learning (AutoML) tools, support for generative AI, and interactive data prep capabilities.

Why Altair AI Studio?

A data science team reviews a generative AI workflow created using Altair AI Studio model design software.

Generative AI

Altair AI Studio’s generative AI functions put hundreds of thousands of large language models (LLMs) at users’ fingertips. It also provides a secure, cost-effective, and easy-to-use way to leverage the capabilities of generative AI.

A female development engineer uses Altair AI Studio’s visual workflow software to great a new generative AI algorithm using a Large Language Model downloaded from Huggingface.


Altair AI Studio’s powerful, intuitive drag-and-drop canvas gives users code-like control without complexity and bridges the gap between domain and data experts.

Two ML experts talk about how to use Altair AI's AutoML tools to quickly create workflows by utilizing the recommended operators feature. This feature leverages millions of users' experiences to recommend the best operators for any development scenario.

Award-Winning AutoML

Altair AI Studio supports automated clustering, predictive modeling, feature engineering, and time series forecasting. Experienced data science teams can work more efficiently and users new to machine learning can build and test production-ready models quickly.

Key Features

Data Connectivity

Connect directly to your organization’s data sources – including files, databases, data lakes, and Internet of Things (IoT) data streams.

Data Exploration

Find the signal in the noise with interactive data visualization.

Data Preparation

Transform, join, and calculate columns to create the exact format you need.

AI Model Building

Train predictive and prescriptive models and easily explain them to stakeholders and consumers.

Comprehensive Set of Operations

Use Altair AI Studio's drag-and-drop designer to build complex workflows using its huge range of built-in operators.

Analytics Automation

Build repeatable workflows your team can use over and over again to support multiple use cases.

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