Altair Partner Ecosystem

Getting your products ready for the world? Then use the world to make it happen. Altair is not just a global company, we also have global partners. Vetted, proven leaders whose expertise we leverage to help you go forward. Altair’s mature partner ecosystem is the foundation of our open-systems philosophy to maximize the performance, interoperability, and reliability of our products in any environment.

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Altair Partner Alliance (APA)

Independent software vendors who have made their technology available through the Altair licensing platform

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Channel Partners

Global network of service and technology companies who resell Altair's suite of software solutions to a wide variety of verticals.

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System Integrators

Our network of partnerships with system integrators transforms how our customers leverage Altair solutions and adopt our cutting-edge technology to improve how they do business.

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Technology Partners

Hardware and peripheral technology providers who work with Altair to make sure our products are compatible with the latest technology.

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