Amphyon by Oqton

Simulation-based Process Software for Laser Beam Melting

Amphyon is a comprehensive standalone software tool for simulation-based job preparation for metal additive manufacturing (AM), incorporating all of Oqton's technology modules.

Apart from Amphyon’s ease of use, it comes with a huge variety of state-of-the-art features like for determination of ideal build orientation, support optimization, process simulation, and deformation compensation. Amphyon was designed to assist designers and process engineering in preparing metal AM build jobs by understanding and solving manufacturing issues like part distortion or support delamination. By enhancing part accuracy and minimizing failure rates, quality, and profitability of your metal AM business unit can be significantly increased!

Why Amphyon?

Near-net-shape Additive Manufacturing

By using the pre-deformation module customers can achieve an increase of dimensional part accuracy to over 90%. Unprintable geometries may become printable.

Stable Build Job Preparation

By using the support optimization module, safe manufacturing conditions can be easily achieved while decreasing the need material for the support and built time.

Avoid Overheatings

By using the Thermal Adaptation Module, overheating during the process can be predicted and avoided by adapting process setup with a "ghost part".

Key Features

Find Ideal Build Orientation

Amphyon's Examiner module allows the user to analyze manufacturing aspects for all possible orientations. Based on that, ideal build orientation can be defined.

Create Optimized Support Structures

Amphyon's Support module can be used to not only create support but optimize the structure to compensate mechanical process loads that occur during the process.

Analyze and Compensate Deformation

Amphyon's Predeformation module projects the calculated deformation back to the model geometry in order to create a distorted or compensated model.

Printablility Check

Amphyon's Mechanical Process Simulation module can be used to check print jobs and design for issues that may occur during the manufacting process.

Analyze Temperatures During the Process

Amphyon's Thermal Process Simulation module calculates the temperature distribution during the build process to analyze overheating.

File Export

Amphyon provides export of path plots, history plots, or video files.