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Bridge the Gap Between Top Data Science Languages

Many enterprises still rely on a host of business-critical applications built using the long-established SAS language, while resources like Python, R, and SQL offer greater choice, more flexibility, and expanded capabilities. Altair SLC™ bridges the gap between the SAS language and open-source languages like Python, R, and SQL.

Combining top data science languages.A brief introduction to the SAS language.The rise of open-source.Combine programming languages.Altair SLC software runs in the cloud and on servers.Access R's powerful array calculation.Organizations can choose and use the languages that best serve objectives.

Applications based solely on the SAS language are limited in many ways, but the arrival of new hybrid development workflows and software has upended the landscape. Organizations can now choose and use the languages that will best serve their objectives. Learn more about Altair's alternative SAS language environment here.