Altair® Control™

HPC Administrator's Control Center for Managing, Optimizing, and Forecasting Resources

Control is an easy-to-use web application for monitoring and managing cluster configuration and reporting in a high-performance computing (HPC) environment. Control has seamless cloud bursting capabilities, along with advanced analytics to support data-driven planning and decision-making. Administrators can perform what-if analysis using workload simulation to determine the most productive way to scale an HPC system's resources and manage cloud appliances.

Why Control?

A cloud on a chip

Seamless Cloud Bursting

Get easy access to on-demand cloud bursting when you need more resources. Burst to any of the major public clouds.

Two bots on a white surface

A Digital Twin for Your Datacenter

Run a simulation to determine the most productive way to scale your HPC resources. Simulate scheduler performance under hypothetical configurations using historical job data and the Altair® PBS Professional® scheduler.

HPC administrator control room with a symbol of cloud

Easy HPC Job Management and Monitoring

Deploy an HPC appliance in the public cloud and manage your resources by adding, updating, and deleting HPC clusters.

Key Features

Single Pane of Glass

Our easy interface lets you configure, deploy, monitor, burst, manage, troubleshoot, simulate, analyze, and tune your HPC resources.

Real-time Monitoring

Control is designed to simplify troubleshooting and maintenance so you can easily monitor and manage your HPC cluster's nodes and jobs.

Multi-cloud Bursting

On-demand cloud resources maximize your efficiency and allow you to improve responsiveness and add capacity exactly when it's needed.

Easy Data Analysis

Control includes easy-to-use job accounting and reporting, with advanced analytics so datacenter administrators can make the right decisions based on real data.

Datacenter Change Simulator

The simulator in Control is an indispensable tool for capacity planning. It enables organizations to optimize hardware expansions through change evaluation — without affecting production or requiring dedicated development clusters.

Easy Configuration

Control lets you configure default WLM server and security settings and manage queues, resources, resource defaults, and limits.