Good Guys’ Index by NovaCast

Every Casting Counts

Good Guys’ Index (GGI) is a calculation program for CO2 emissions generated from the casting process when producing a specific casting part. The program takes into account the emissions produced from raw material to transport to the customer. Users can also use the program to simulate different scenarios, where they can:

  • Compare different casting designs
  • Compare different methoding (feeder and gatings)
  • Compare different foundries
  • See the impact of using different energy sources
  • See the impact of using different furnaces
  • Calculate costs
  • Calculate energy consumption
  • Calculate CO2 emissions

Why Good Guys' Index?


Calculate CO2 Emissions

With great detail, users can calculate the CO2 emissions for any type of castings from cradle to gate.


Compare Different Conditions

Users can compare different foundries, different castings, or different countries to see how they will affect CO2 emissions.


Predefined Process Data

GGI comes with predefined process data that users can adapt for their specific casting conditions.

Key Features

CO2 Emission Calculations

Calculates CO2 emissions of different casting processes from raw material to the transport of finished casting.

Cost Calculation

Calculates production costs of different casting processes.


GGI uses a range of data sources and algorithms to assess the sustainability of a company's supply chain.