High-Performance Computing (HPC) for Automotive

Altair® HPCWorks™, our HPC and cloud platform, gives automotive designers and manufacturers unparalleled control over the design process. With the industry’s leading tools, users can slash development times, reduce errors, minimize physical prototyping, cut emissions and waste, and so much more.

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Manage Your Toughest Automotive Workloads

Because demanding workloads require high-performance compute resources to simulate real-world driving conditions, Altair solutions are the best choice for automotive companies worldwide. In today’s breakthrough areas, including autonomous vehicles and advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS), simulation and multiphysics workloads chew through enormous amounts of data — which requires powerful, scalable computing with the right workload orchestration and optimization tools to keep it running smoothly.

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Get Comprehensive Administrator Tools

Traditionally, it’s difficult for IT and HPC administrators to manage the caliber of computing power required for automotive design and manufacturing. Altair tools are built to manage, optimize, and forecast resources, burst to the cloud, and more. With them, users can manage and monitor licenses across an organization and optimize software assets to get the best ROI on HPC and cloud computing investments.

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Easy Remote Access and Visualization

Vehicle designers don’t want to spend time worrying about the tools they’re using, so we give them an easy way to submit and monitor their jobs on clusters, clouds, and other resources. Our user-friendly portal means users don’t need IT expertise to run solvers, view progress, manage data, and use remote visualization via web, desktop, and mobile.

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Pinpoint I/O Performance Bottlenecks

No matter how powerful your computing infrastructure, I/O bottlenecks can significantly degrade performance. Mistakes such as misplaced data storage, small I/O, and excess metadata can overload compute, network, and storage. Altair’s I/O profiling solution enables you to quickly solve software deployment problems and resolve file and network dependencies, identifying good and bad I/O for easy wins. Our live system telemetry and I/O monitoring tool keeps track of I/O, CPU, and memory, quickly locating rogue jobs and storage bottlenecks.

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Optimize EDA with Powerful Chip Design Tools

Today’s automotive manufacturers face challenges including processor shortages — and are increasingly taking chip design into their own hands. In-house development requires electronic design automation (EDA) tools and solutions to optimize those tools and get the best return on investment. Altair HPC solutions for high-throughput workload management, license management, and license monitoring enable efficient in-house design and optimize compute-resource usage with flow visualization and troubleshooting.

Featured Resources

C-TEC Scales Up in the Cloud with Altair and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Fast Design for Electromobility - C-TEC Scales Up in the Cloud with Altair and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

When C-TEC – a young and innovative German company specializing in the development and production of intelligent devices, machines, and systems – needed GPU-accelerated high-performance computing to meet the latest E.U. standards for passenger-vehicle fuel efficiency and emissions, they chose to work with Altair and Oracle on a solution: the turnkey Altair Unlimited virtual appliance on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). The fully managed Altair cloud appliance on OCI's superior bare-metal infrastructure removes the need for complex HPC management and enables flexibility, easy scaling, and top performance. It delivers unlimited use of a wide range of Altair solver software, plus HPC resource management tools and a user-friendly web portal. With Altair Unlimited, the C-TEC team avoided the high cost of on-premises HPC architecture.

Customer Stories

PUNCH Torino Partners with Altair to Build a New HPC Infrastructure

When the team at propulsion-system developer PUNCH Torino needed to build a new HPC infrastructure from scratch to accommodate their users, they partnered with Altair's technology experts to plan, implement, and configure a complex, multi-vendor cloud architecture designed to take advantage of several different cloud providers including Google Cloud, Azure, Oracle Cloud, and AWS. Components of the solution include Altair PBS Professional for optimized workload management and cloud bursting; Altair Control to empower PUNCH's IT team with tools for monitoring, configuration management, and reporting; and Altair Access to give users a variety of easy cloud options via an easy-to-use portal.

Customer Stories

Enabling CAE Simulation – Altair and PATAC Collaborate to Develop an Efficient CAE Simulation Platform

PATAC needed to develop an efficient CAE simulation management platform to accommodate their changing needs and accelerate digital growth. After a nearly two-year strategy, screening, and selection process, PATAC selected Altair as its technology partner for the platform's development and implementation.

Customer Stories

High-performance Computing Speeds Up Optimization Processes for Tailor Rolled Blanks at Mubea

OEMs and suppliers include every possible technique to support lightweighting in the automotive industry. It is common to use optimization techniques in order to identify and tab existing lightweight potentials as well as design tailor rolled components in a vehicle, the design optimization of which is normally based on crash simulations. Due to the large size of these simulations, a single run can take 1 to 12 hours. To conduct all the simulation runs needed for assessment and evaluation of different design concepts, the use of HPC is necessary. Altair Unlimited virtual appliance was able to reduce the turnaround time for a lightweight study significantly at Mubea.

Customer Stories
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