Altair® Inspire™

Accelerate Simulation-driven Design

Altair® Inspire™ is an intuitive, powerful family of integrated software products that accelerates simulation-driven design throughout the product development lifecycle, from concept to reality, while reducing product time-to-market.

Used early in the design process, Inspire enables the creation of designs focused on both performance and manufacturability. Inspire empowers its users to explore, develop, and manufacture high-performance products in a single, intuitive environment.

Why Inspire?

Create and Modify Designs with Ease

Create, modify, and defeature solid models quickly, use PolyNURBS to create free-form smooth geometry, and study multiple assembly configurations.

Optimize for Manufacturability

Arrive at the ideal design direction extremely early in the process: topology optimization is based on physics and observes manufacturing process constraints.

Simulate at the Speed of Design

Experience an interactive engineering design environment for rapid design exploration and product creation, without the need to invest in new computer hardware.


Find Your Design Edge

Unleash creativity with Inspire – explore editions, find your best fit, and harness advanced geometry, part creation, and optimization software for unmatched innovation.

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Key Features

Geometry Creation and Simplification

Create, modify, and de-feature solid models using Inspire's modeling tools. Leverage the speed and accuracy of SimSolid to evaluate multiple variants.

Lattice Structures

Open the world of lattice structures for optimized design performance with one-click implicit design tools and join the additive manufacturing revolution.

Industrial Design and Rendering

Combine different modeling techniques to effortlessly create and explore even the most complex designs. Create stunning images and dynamic animations in real time with physically accurate lighting.

Dynamic Motion

Easily generate dynamic motion of complex mechanisms, automatically identifying contacts, joints, springs, and dampers.

Topology Optimization

Inspire offers several topology options, including optimization objectives, stress and displacement constraints, acceleration, gravity, and temperature loading conditions.

Design for Manufacturing

With its unique set of simulation tools, evaluate product feasibility, optimize the manufacturing process, and run virtual try-outs for both 3D printing and many traditional manufacturing processes.

Structural Analysis

Investigate linear static and normal modes analysis on a model and visualize displacement, factor of safety, percent of yield, tension/compression, von Mises stress, and major principal stress.

Assembly Configuration

Create multiple assembly configurations to evaluate various design scenarios and the resulting concepts.

Cooling Systems

Gain a better understanding of cooling systems design using an introductory set of computational fluid design (CFD) tools.

Featured Workflows

Implicit Design


Life-like Products with Rendering


Fluid Flow Setup and Visualization


SimSolid Integration


Motion Analysis


Suppress/Unsuppress Entities




Overhang Shape Controls


Unit Cell Lattice Generation