Cyber Risk

Real-time detection and reporting of cyber and GDPR risk exposure.

Cyber risk events encompass massive data breaches:

  • Exposing personally identifiable information (PII)
  • Automated ransomware attacks extorting bitcoin payments
  • Cryptomining
  • Ransomware
  • Business email compromise (BEC) attacks
  • Spear phishing

While cyber premiums grow at over 25% per annum, insurers lack insight into the actual, evolving risk profile of their individual policyholders and of accumulated concentration risks.

We build solutions for data-driven risk decisioning in real-time:

  • Monitor and report on cyber risk using real-time scores on individual devices and across policyholder’s portfolio
  • Support GDPR audits with PII monitoring and alerts
  • Automatically detect and quantify threats without impacting device performance
  • Access policyholders' actual and evolving risk profiles with access to real-time alerts, dynamic risk scores, and aggregated data
  • Reward good risk management and penalize or eliminate risky behavior with dynamic premium adjustment
  • Drive down the expense ratio, improve profitability, and reduce earnings volatility
  • Integrate with policy and claims operational systems to ensure correct price and support forensic analysis should a claim happen

Solution Capabilities

  • Build digital applications
  • Create models and automate workflows to drive down expense ratios
  • Review current practice to improve profitability and reduce earnings volatility
  • Deliver outputs for view a C-suite dashboard
  • Generate alerts and a dynamic risk score to help with risk decisioning

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