InClaim: Digital First Notice of Loss (FNOL)

Speed up claims journeys with automated, frictionless digital resolutions including:

  • Digital data capture
  • Voice and video
  • Full transcription

Empower claims handlers by providing:

  • Straight-through processing
  • Initial suspect anti-fraud identification
  • Automated recommendations and guidance

Automate claims decisions with highly sophisticated evidence analysis at FNOL:

  • Generate high-quality text transcripts from customer voice recording and video evidence at incident scenes
  • Calculate sentiment and emotional scores by analyzing evidence with natural language processing (NLP) techniques
  • Analyze evidence with propensity models to provide timely, accurate decisions and recommendations to opt for straight-through processing, automated recommendations, or a referral

Redeploy human resources effectively and reduce fraud with our claims automation solutions that:

  • Support claims handlers on key questions or actions they might have missed by applying our modeling outcomes
  • Reduce requirement for manual intervention during claims process
  • Generate automated recommendations such as payment, repair referral, or even a decline as potential fraud

Improve customer experience and reduce insurer costs with real-time insights:

  • Deliver analytics to claims handlers in near real-time to inform prompt decisions at FNOL
  • Automate processes to reduce indemnity and Opex costs, improve customer experience, net promoter score (NP) and renewal rate

Solution Capabilities

  • Create bespoke digital applications tailored to your specific pricing and claims parameters to support dynamic pricing and frictionless claims
  • Build a range of developed, tested claims models based on closed book
  • Provide a high-quality video/audio transcription service to support the build of sentiment, behavioral, and emotional models
  • Determine appropriate recommendations and correct routing
  • Manage the development and deployment of analytics services

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