Related Solutions

Altair® Knowledge Seeker™

Powerful Data Visualization, Segmentation, and Strategy Development Software

Knowledge Seeker is often used by data analytic teams who wish use rapid visualization of data for segmentation and profiling needs. With its market leading Decision Trees, Knowledge Seeker helps business analyst quickly understand insight found in data. It’s interactive and intuitive interface means data analytic teams can quickly build random forest and decision tree models without having to be dependent on creating long and error-prone scripts.

Predictive analytics becomes prescriptive analytics using our unique Strategy Tree technology, allowing the business to define business rules for within their modeling. No coding is required to build and deploy data analytic models using Knowledge Seeker.

Knowledge Studio for Apache Spark™

Apache Spark is seen by data scientists as a preferred platform to manage and process vast amounts of data to quickly find insight from big data. Altair’s advanced analytics software provides businesses with unprecedented analytics and data processing capabilities that overcome challenges often encountered in big data access and insight discovery.

As a productivity tool for Spark users, Knowledge Studio for Apache Spark allows users to interact with Spark via an interactive and intuitive interface to generate error-free code for use in production scripts. The ability to easily manipulate data in distributed storage, including large datasets that have billions of rows and thousands of columns, is unmatched by any other solution.

After data transformation tasks are complete, the same workflow is used to build and deploy predictive models. The resulting rapid visualization of data and explainable insight found allows enterprise data analytic teams to make informed decisions from data sources such as Hadoop HDFS, Amazon S3, and other storage supported by Spark.