Altair Mistral™

Live System Telemetry and I/O Monitoring

As distributed systems and compute clusters become more complex, the need for monitoring is increasingly important — and Altair Mistral goes beyond simple monitoring. While typical file system monitors only tell you something’s wrong, Altair Mistral’s unique per-job I/O monitoring gives you the information you need to fix the problem. It’s the leading application monitoring tool for high-performance computing (HPC) and scientific computing, lightweight enough to run in production but flexible enough to ensure that you get the most from on-premises HPC and have all the information you need to manage your hybrid cloud.

With Altair Mistral you can monitor I/O, metadata, CPU, and memory to quickly locate rogue jobs and storage bottlenecks and keep track of what’s running on clusters day-to-day. It’s storage-agnostic, and you control the information it gathers so you’ll know about important events without being overwhelmed by too much data

Why Altair Mistral?

Detailed Per-job Metrics

Altair Mistral measures CPU, memory, metadata, and I/O, collecting per-job, per-user, and per-host metrics, broken down by job and by file system.

Lightweight Design

Run in production or on large text suites to find bad I/O before it becomes a problem.

Business Intelligence

Altair Mistral delivers on operational telemetry and business intelligence to ensure that your infrastructure is running efficiently and that you can plan for tomorrow.

Key Features

Per-job Metrics

Altair Mistral logs data for each job and each mount point so you can easily view information per job, per user, or per group to locate problem applications quickly and understand how each team is using storage.

Storage Protection

Detect rogue jobs and bad I/O patterns such as excess metadata, random I/O, and small reads and writes to find and eliminate problem applications quickly.

Insight Into Storage Requirements

Track immediate application I/O needs and long-term trends for purchasing and planning.

Storage- and Scheduler-agnostic

Altair Mistral integrates with the orchestration framework and delivers storage-agnostic metrics for each job or workflow.

Optimize On-premises Workloads for Hybrid Cloud

Altair Mistral delivers the knowledge and telemetry needed to get the most from on-premises investments and exploit hybrid clouds for agility.

Control Costs in the Cloud with Cross-platform Insight

Altair Mistral forms a common language across different compute platforms to ensure that applications are run in the right place using the right resources.