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Altair Welcomes TGM Lightweight Solutions GmbH to the Altair Partner Alliance

Altair proudly welcomes TGM Lightweight Solutions GmbH and its product Weight Data Tool (WDT) to the Altair Partner Alliance (APA). Founded in 1996 and headquartered in Berlin, Germany, TGM is a consultancy that specializes in lightweighting, structural optimization, and other industrial software. The company prizes its holistic control and design approach, and its software has applications in the automotive, rail, shipbuilding, and aerospace industries.

WDT gives users the power to evaluate vehicle mass properties via automatic reports, and lets users track data history, origin, and maturity for all those properties. It also provides vehicles’ weight and target breakdowns, tracks tolerance and configuration uncertainties, forecasts mass properties, manages risk, and lets users compare different vehicle variants and separate vehicles. WDT will allow Altair users to cut down on Excel calculations, import data from Excel and SAP, store vehicle data in a centralized location, and more.

“We look forward to giving Altair users access to WDT’s powerful, intuitive, and broadly applicable capabilities,” said Hans-Peter Dahm, founder and chief executive officer, TGM Lightweight Solutions GmbH.

By having access to WDT’s mass property capabilities, users can design sleeker, lighter, and more eco-friendly vehicles and vehicle components. Additionally, it gives users the power to store, access, and organize vehicle property data in a centralized, governed location so they can easily export and share data amongst other users and departments.

For more information on TGM and WDT, check out their introductory webinar.